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Breaking Through Life's Toughest Barriers

For the next several months I will be blogging to provide insight on how to break through some of life's toughest barriers.  It will inspire you, motivate and encourage you.  Many times we go through not even recognizing that there are barriers placed in front of us.  Though these barriers may be invisible to the naked eye, they are clearly there in the spiritual and emotional realm.  It is my desire to aid you in seeing those barriers for what they are and to move forward in breaking those barriers down.

How to Umbrella Your Storms.

I don't know about you but I have had some pretty tough situations arise in the past few years that I didn't know would take place.  And, if that was was not enough, things came down all at one.  It hit me hard and it became almost unbearable.    I know that the Bible lets us know that we can take His yoke upon us because His yoke is easy and His burden lite.  I also know that we can give our burdens, troubles and sorrows over to Jesus and He will work it out.  Even after knowing all of this, the storm came raging in my life and I found it very hard to umbrella the storm.

Pray during the Wait

Today I just want to be an encouragement for others to continue in prayer.  It is hard to trust and believe even when things don't look promising or in your favor.  But I declare by the grace and mercy of God that if you continue in prayer, trusting and believing God that he will work it out for you.  I am going through some really tough challenges in my life but I understand what season I am in.  I am in a season of waiting.  While I am waiting I am not going to throw in the towel, nor am I going to lose hope and give up on God, but rather I am going to stand on God's word and his unchanging hands and I will trust and believe Him to have the final say.

Answers to Lost Courage

Today I was working in the garden and as I was walking to refill my water pots I look down and saw what appeared to be a golden rock.  When I picked it up and turned it over embedded in the rock was the word COURAGE.  That's it, once lost but now found.  I lost my courage.  Not many days before this I was walking around with this rock of courage in my hand.  I did this to remind myself that no matter what is was I was facing to always have courage.  I have been going through so much in the past several months not to mention in the past two years or so.

The Great Escape

I usually know exactly what to write when I focus my mind on writing.  Today I was at a loss of words.  I wanted to blog to send out a word of encouragement that speaks life and good will toward others.  While pondering on what to write, the words came to me:"The Great Escape".  

If I were to put this text with the very first scripture that comes to mind I would think of1 Cor 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bare it.

Lazarus Come Forth

Lazarus Come Forth! This is one of my favorite scriptural text in the Bible. Just for a brief history I would like to explain where this short but powerful statement comes from.  Lazarus was a friend of Jesus.  He was sick unto death.  It got so bad  that Lazarus eventually died from his issue.  Christ was not there during the time of his friend's death but he was sought after when Lazarus needed Him the most.  Long story short Lazarus died.  It was so bad that his issue took total control that Lazarus lost his life.

Prayers of the Righteous Avails Much

We are in a time where prayer isoh-soneeded but it is also a time where many of the men and women of God have lost their drive and zeal to pray.  We have lost relationship with the LORD.  Prayer builds that relationship with God.  We have moved from our first love.  Because of our personal uncandid desires, unclean lust & affections, or even our personal wants we have moved from the love of our lives.  The love for our Savior the love to seek His face.  We call upon Him when we want God to grant our 3 wishes as if He was a genie.

Baggage Check

Why this title?  What's it all about?  Here it is: Baggage Check(s) are needed every day of our lives.  Why?  Allow me to share this:  I am one that loves bags and purses.  My biggest downfall is every time I want to change my bag or purse, I leave everything in the previous bag.  Where that leave me?  It leaves me with a lot of baggage.  We do this in both our natural and spiritual lives.  Before I got married to my current spouse, he informed me that I needed to leave the baggage at the door.

"Deep Sleep Drowning" on a Life Raft!

Not many months ago I had a dream about myself and another individual.  If you have read any of my prior individual blogs, you will find that I am for sure a dreamer. In this particular dream I began to see myself and the other person on a raft.  We both were sleeping on the raft which happen to be out on the waters.  Unfortunately, there must have been some issues with the raft or the deepness of our sleeping; because when I woke up I saw the other person on the raft with me sinking in the waters head first!

Taking My Mind Back

Far too often we battle in our minds completely troubled by the cares of things we can not change.  Cares of the world and the things of the world.  Our circumstances and situations trouble us deeply.  But today I make this declaration that "I am taking my mind back".  You see I too have allowed my mind to wavier.  I have been troubled by much to much to rest even in the presence of the LORD.  I have allowed my mind to be moved by the works, cares, actions and deeds of the enemy.

Released for Ministry

I wrote this topic down several years ago.  I didn't know it then but I would receive the very things I had written about in the past.  I thought I had receive a release from God in Dec 2011 when it was inpressed on my heart to establish Tasha Davis Ministry.  I felt good knowing that I was in the will of God.  Today I know that I have been released for ministry now in 2014.  I did receive the call to work in ministry but the work I was doing was busy work which kept me from doing the work that God had destined for me to do.  I am not saying anything I did was in vain.  God honors faithfulness but more importantly obedience is better than sacrifice.  I thank God that I continued to seek His face and His will for my life that He allowed me to go forth and to be released for ministry.  Now I am working in the field.  I am working doing the work that I was called to do.  It is not an easy work.  It is outreach, reaching those that others wouldn't stretch out their hands nor their hearts to reach.  It is a ministry that calls for me to go in places that others would dare to tread.  God has called for some to preach in the pulpit and others he has called for us to go into the highway, byways and hedges and compel them to come.  I have been released for ministry and as I press forward and go to work I pray that others will see and do the same.

Shattered Dream

I came up with this topic in August 2012 I was going to publish on my blog however I wasn't sure what I would write about at that time.  Who knew that from then until now I would face so many hardships, trials and adversities?  Who know that I would not only understand "shattered dreams", but I would have the experience of a shattered dream?  I will not share what that dream was in my life but I will share that no matter what test or trial that we face we have the ability to over come and

Breaking Away in Peace

This writing is in honor of a DV Survivor who requested I write how God brought me out.  The book Hope for the Battered Girl was written by the inspiration of God.  It is also written to help her to know that God can bring you out.  Breaking away in Peace reminds me of the last DV incident I endured.  I sought peace and found it.  I left an abusive and terrible situation because of the peace of God.  God gave me peace even in the midst of a raging storm.  Breaking away is possible but who know there was a breaking away in peace?

Hope for the Battered Girl

I recently published my first book entitled "Hope for the Battered Girl".  This piece was inspired by God.  He woke me up at 3AM one morning and I began to write.  By the end of the day I had almost completed the entire story.  The story is a replica of my life as a battered individual.  It wasn't easy to open up and expose all that I had held inside for decades.  It was time to be free and made whole.  How was I to know that holding in what I dealt with kept me bound?

We need the WORD!

I need the WORD.  I know we all need the word but the WORD I am talking about is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  You see without Christ I would not be saved and would be headed for a burning hell.  He saved me and He has given me an opportunity to life eternal.  He is the Living WORD.  He gives life to whomever asks for it.  We do not have to die in our sins and shame but Christ died so that we might have life and life more abundantly.  I thank GOD that Christ died for you and He died for me.

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart:    
It is very rare that I am at a loss of words but lately I have found myself speechless.  I’ve had to literally fight to find the right words to say, the right words to pray, I found myself speechless.  I have been in an awkward season in my life.  I can’t say that I didn’t know it was coming.  God gave me vision and insight, showing me a storm was coming.  God gave clarity through His word that something was just up the way.  Something I couldn’t see from the natural eye but now I can say I have felt the impact and the turbulence and the effect of the storm.

The Under Cover Brother

Several months ago I was listening to someone speak and for some reason as I was watching and listening to him the words "the under cover brother" came to me.  Actually I had no idea what it meant.  I thought it could mean just about anything in this day and age.  But just a few days ago some really serious allegations came out about him.  No we won't judge the man for the Bible states that if any man be overtaken in a fault you which are spiritual restore him in the spirit of meekness considering your selves.

Shut the Door

I recently went to a prayer conference and as I was listening to one of the speakers a vision came in my view.  It was of a flattened snake that was sliding through a path of a partially cracked door.  He didn't go under the door although there was space enough for him to fit;but, he was sliding through a pathway that lead to a door that was not quite closed yet.  As I am writing this God is giving me personal revelation of some things in my life, some doors that still has cracks that need to be completely shut.

The Peace Within

I decided to write about the peace within as I was dealing with some struggles or situations in my life.  Our pastor coined a saying "the struggle with struggle".  I thought I knew exactly where he was on that until this very new situation or struggle presented itself in my life.  I guess you can say I had a "struggle with struggle".  I made a statement that was so profound with what I was going through.  I said it: "I AM TIRED of being TIRED!!  I AM FRUSTRATED with FRUSTRATION!

It's not quite time for dessert.

This title sounds funny doesn't it?  Perhaps it does, butnofun intended.  I write this after considering a dream God had given me months ago.  The dream was given about a particular individual who was dealing with a spirit that even he is likely not aware of.  God showed me something about this individual.  I went to my leader and expressed what was given to me and he confirmed it was true.  He also informed me that only two individuals were aware of what was going on and of course I was not one of them.


Recently I woke up after a disturbing dream.  The dream of was about an individual that I know and was aware of who had attempted suicide.  In the dream it showed how time went on and although we knew the history of the suicide attempt, life appeared well and we thought this individual would be fine.  The problem with that is we knew there was an issue but we never dealt with "that issue", the issue of the spirit of suicide.  As time went on this person decide to take their own life.

Waiting on the LORD

I know how hard it is to wait.  We live in a day and time where we want everything handed to us in a hurry and when we do not get it in what we consider to be a timely manner we become irate.  I am reminded about an incident I experienced earlier in the week.  As I was driving along the road when up out of nowhere there appeared a vehicle that sped up beside me.  The driver was trying to get in front of me and although there was not even a car space between me and the car in front when the vehicle sped up, the driver dodge right in between and right out of the spot almost causing our vehicles to wreck.

In Justice or Injustice

Today there is much turmoil concerning the Trayvon Martin case.  Many of us have opinions about what should have happened verses what did happen.  There is speculation of cover up as well as racism and injustice.  If the truth be told we will never know the full story of what happened that very night that a young life was snatched away at the hands of a dark enemy we call satan.  Yes, Zimmerman was a vessel used that night; however, the true death angel was satan.

The Mia Turner in Me

In this season of my life I have decided to launch out into the deep and in doing so I have found myself engaging in things I never would  have before.  I recently joined a cast in the play titled, "Hell is Real".  In this play I am acting as a 40 year old mother of 3 children.  My name of course is Mia Turner.  When I got my script and the information of the character I would play I almost cried.  You see Mia Turner wasn't just a 40 year old mother of 3; but, she was a woman who had many issues from very early in life.

I Had A Dream

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a dreamer.  God has given me divine insight, blessing me with the ability to see dreams and visions.  One night I had a dream that was quite disturbing.  Before I go any further concerning this dream in particular, I would like to provide you with some brief  information about me.  Not boasting, I would characterize myself as being a hard worker.  I would do just about anything humanly possible to help others.

Traveling in the midst of the storm

Recently I was sitting alone and the lyrics of a song came to mind.  "There is a storm out on the ocean and it's coming this way, if your soul is not anchored in Jesus you will surely drift away".  I considered the song then I considered a dream that I had received of a storm coming and the fact that I had been trying to warn others of the storm but it seem to go nowhere.  I tried to call my husband but the phone was not working there seemed to be a disconnect on the line.

When Silence Speaks Loud!

I guess one would call this an oxymoron because silence and speak doesn't go together very well does it?  And not to mention the word LOUD.  As I thought of this title, I am reminded of my grandson who was riding in the back seat of the truck on New Years Eve.  We were on our way home from Watch Night Service.  He was complaining about his younger brother not wearing his seat belt.  So as I turned around to check I noticed he was seating too close to be even wearing his seat belt so I asked him, "do you have your seat belt on?

Spiritual Battle

Recently I learned that I do better in natural fighting than I do in spiritual battles.  Someone gave me an example of how we as a people get into the boxing ring of life where we win fights that we prepare for.  Yet, we stop preparing for the next battle; therefore, we loose when we are not prepared for the fight that is to come.  I can except that for some things in life; but, as for spiritual battles this is not always the case.  I have found that although some fights can be trained for and work very hard at to win, some battles are more complex.

Don't be so easily moved!

A few days ago God had given me a dream.  I was standing on a porch talking to a friend.  As I stood there I say a little ways off a panther.  So I cried out that this panther was coming our way.  Instead of running I turned my back to the panther while he walked up on the porch and around me as to check me out.  I stood there very still with fingers clasped with my
arms around a post or pillar.  I stood there holding on for dear life as if I would fall from the porch because this panther has come.

Don't Loose Hope!

During a certain season in my life God has allowed me to be encouraged even in the midst of going through a dry season.  Have you ever been in a dry season?  Have you ever been in a place where you don't know if you are going or if you are coming.  You don't know what move or steps to take?  Have you?  Have you ever lost hope?  Once you loose hope it is extremely hard to regain that hope.  What would make us loose hope or trust in God?  "Seeing is believing"  Sometimes waiting makes us loose hope.

Be Encouraged!

I don't know about you but many of us could use some encouragement.  There are many things that are going on in today's society, in our own homes and families that devastate us where encouragement is necessary.  So today I come to encourage you to trust and only believe.  I know it is hard especially when you are going through.  I recently was sharing with a friend about the love of God as this friend began to open up and share with me about all that she was going through.

What is in a name?

What is in a name?  I was working on a project and I came across a name that I was familiar with.  The individual was adopted and was given the name of an husband of the individual who adopted the child.  There was such hope for this child but for some reason the child would not succeed.  The child started doing things that was never in the character of the child but was in the character of the name that he carried.  A name is so important.  I know in many countries there is pride in the name.

Release Let Go & Let God Drive

I am in a short series of writing concerning drive.  I wanted to share "Release let go, let God drive".  I know it sounds strange and carnally thinking you would be right.  Why this title?  Well often times my husband will prefer driving the car or truck verses me driving him.  Why?  I know what you are thinking I am a bad driver?  No, I do well.  I haven't been in any major accidents and 99% of the time I was not the one in fault in fender/benders.

Reckless Driving Leads to Destruction!

Last week I had an experience that I couldn't get out of my head.  I dropped my son off at the local store and as I pulled to the intersection, I noticed a car turned directly in front of me and I was almost taken back because my thought was "why is this car facing me in the wrong lane"?  Then I looked at the car, it wasn't moving.  The hood was crushed, the windshield was smashed, I couldn't even see in the car.  If anyone was in the car they were very still.

I take my hands off the wheel LORD you drive....

My title really isn't a title but a statement of affirmation.  Today I naturally did this although I am not asking anyone to do it, and would advise that you not do it in the natural; however, I would suggest to you that you do this in the spiritual.  Take your hands off the wheel and let the LORD drive. 
Why did I say this?  Well I am reminded of a dream I had just a few weeks ago, I was driving and at some point hit a slippery spot and I began to slide backwards.  As I am sliding backwards out of control and headed for a ditch I took my hands off the wheel, raised them up in surrender and said "LORD I love YOU".

Stuck in Traffic

Several days ago God gave me a vision.  I was lying in the bed with my husband after a very long day.  This particular day I along with several other prayer warriors went to pray with someone in need of prayer.  We stayed for hours praying and fasting believing God for a total complete deliverance and healing for this individual.  The even was far spent after this long day of prayer it was followed by an evening of service.  When I finally got home to lie down God showed me where I was.


Today as I was writing a prayer unto the LORD in my E-SWORD, I titled it "LORD HELP"!  After writing the title I proceeded to write what type of prayer it would be.  I began thinkingno, not adoration this was surely supplication!  I needed HELP! So as I began to write and asked the LORD to help me.  I said LORD you know me better than I know myself,"LORD HELP ME"! Then immediately while I am typing, HELP ME!mind youI have not said one word verbally in this prayer: my grandson comes in the room and he said "mom, help me".


Today God dealt with me in the spirit.  I woke up with a revelation of a dream I had several weeks ago.  I immediately typed the dream up in my e-sword but my computer shutdown and everything that was written was a loss.  I felt it very necessary to take the time to not only restate the dream but to also give the revelation as GOD has given it unto me.
I dreamed a dream of a family member who lost their dad.  In the dream there was some rebuilding of our house.  It was very needful, I remember the old house had things that weren't working, there were electric sockets had no electrical charge to it.

Let go!

Normally, I wake up with a song of praise in my spirit; however recently there was a different tune that rang in my spirit.  The words of the song said: 
"How can I love somebody else, if I can't love myself enough to know when it's time, time to let go".
Following this tune, I turned on the TV and there was a message from a well known preacher of the Gospel that said:"Let it Go!"  
Of course I laughed oh how funny it is.  It's so hard for us to let things go.

Corporate Prayer

Someone posted a blog regarding corporate prayer not too long ago.  I read the comments that were attached to the post.  The original writer of the post explained how she had been seeking a way to pray in corporate prayer.  There were many opinions but no biblical references pertaining to her post.  To be fair I decided to search in the scriptures to seek just how God would have us to come together in corporate prayer.  

For information purposes only, I will say the word corporate of course was not found in the bible however the meaning of corporate, the joining together of individuals and  for the case of being joined together to pray was.

The Ripple Effect

Not long ago in prayer the LORD showed me a vision.  As I was praying and seeking the LORD I saw a hand larger than I can express, on the hand I only noticed one finger as it appeared to point down towards a body of water as if to touch this large body of water.  Although the hand was staged there in the air, it reached down as it looked like the tip of the finger just might have touched the waters.  When the finger pointed down to the waters, there came a rippling effect in the waters.

My Praise Outweighs The Weep!

Why this title?  I got up very early one morning and began reading the Word of the LORD.  I read in Ezra chapter 3 and when I got to verses 9 through 13 these words popped into thoughts.  My praise outweighs the weep.  You seein this particular passage, it speaks on the laying down of the foundation of the temple of the LORD.  It addressed how many of the men of old or the ancient men began to weep when they saw the foundation that was built but the praises of the people outweigh the weeping that no one could tell the difference in addition the praises could be heard afar off.

Power in Prayer

More often than not, people really don't believe that there is really power in prayer; however, we call upon the LORD in our deepest trouble and afflictions.  But it is not always through faith that we send up the urgent call.  You ask me how do I know this?  Well God has allowed me to understand that we call upon him through habit, by tradition, or even by obligation.  I know it may sound strange this reasoning of our call upon him; but, God is not surprised.  We call Him in our time of need, we call Him when it's convenient for us.

It takes two: the power of agreement

Today I have had one of the longest days in my work schedule.  I have been working every since I woke up this morning and no time to rest.  One great thing happened for me on today.  I touched with a friend in the ministry in agreement in prayer and I learned the power of agreement.  I titled this it takes two.  Sure it couple be more than two but one can not agree alone.  You need a partner to touch and agree.  The number two in the bible represents agreement.  If any two.

Intimacy with God

Just the other day, I had a conversation with a friend who is single.  This individuals is a lot older than myself.  In the discussion she was trying to get me to understand the type of intimacy she wanted to have with God.  As she began to explain what she wanted I felt a little uncomfortable.  Not because she wanted intimacy with God but her comparison with the intimacy we have with man.  She began to explain in very graphic detail the type of intimacy a female would like from her man and just when it hits the right spot that's the type of intimacy she is looking for in GOD.

The eyes of the LORD!

The eyes of the LORD are in every place beholding both the evil and the good.  

It ain't over

This is titled it ain't over but what I had in mind was "distracted not defeated".  Sometimes in life we stand up against things that will distract you to try and defeat you or even discourage you, but you must keep going.  You can't stop now!  Don't let the enemy push you off course you must strive for completion.  Completing things is one of my hardest obstacles to face.  I will start well.  You know, "you did run well, what did hinder you not to obey the truth" Gal 5:7.

Be Encouraged!

There is a song that rang through my mind yesterday, it goes a little like this: I am encouraged to walk with Jesus yes I am, I am encouraged to walk with Jesus yes I am, through all trials and tribulations, persecutions I will be faithful, I am encouraged to walk with Jesus yes I am.  As I am writing this the song the words began changing for me to, I am encouraged to live for Jesus yes I am.  I am encouraged to live for Jesus yes I am.  No matter what the enemy shall do to me, I am encouraged to live for Jesus yes I am.


My pastor has been teaching on reality v/s situation, if you are going through a hard time right now is that your reality or just your situation? Here is what I have learned: Reality is you are more than a conqueror. Reality is that you have power over all the power of the enemy. Reality is no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. Reality is God hand is not too short that HE can not heal, that He can not deliver, that HE can not set free. Reality is your situation may not be as big as it seems. Don't over exaggerate your situation but put your hope and trust in GOD seek His will in your situation and above all things remember these words: Php_4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Reality is your situation is not as bad as it seems.

Get out the church!

Allow me the opportunity to explain myself.  When I titled this blog I thought people will be ready to stone me ;but, if you read this you will soon see what is meant by the controversial statement "get out of the church".  

Last night I had a strange dream.  I dreamed of certain individuals in the church.  There were several things going on but God allowed me to see the spirit(s) behind what was going on.  Again, I say that these things were going on

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